Powerful Principles for Singles, Couples, & Parents

If you are looking for a compass

in the midst of a wayward generation...


If you are seeking something better in an era of dumbed-down expectations...


If you are craving something dynamically real in a world of Hollywood varnish...


If you are desiring to put Christ first and foremost instead

of treating Him as an afterthought...


If you are tired of seeing the grand ways of God mocked and

want to stand up for His brilliance, plans, purposes, and His purity...


Or if you just want to be inspired to live robustly

for the glory of our worthy King...

The Christ-Centered Sexuality Course is perfect for:


+  Singles and young adults who want something better than the culture's pattern for relationships

+  Christians of all ages who desire to honor God in their romantic lives

+  Any believer who is longing to exchange legalistic formulas for God-inspired beauty

+  Married couples who want a fresh vision for Christ-centered love and romance

+  Parents who are looking to impart God's pattern for love, purity, and honor to their children


This 20+ hour online course

with Eric & Leslie Ludy will equip you to rise above cultural mediocrity and discover God's incredible pattern for Christ-honoring sexuality, purity, and romance.


The content is presented in a very pure and edifying way (i.e. nothing graphic is discussed) and thus, this course is appropriate for most ages.

About the Christ-Centered Sexuality Course

The Christ-Centered Sexuality Course was designed in response to the public attack currently being waged on the notion and construct of Biblical purity, pre-marriage faithfulness, and the idea of living "other" than the world in the realm of sexuality.  There is a delicate nature to this truth, due to the abuses rendered in recent years by many well-meaning Christian teachers, that have led many young believers into an understanding of purity and holiness that was decidedly oppressive, legalistic, and based on man's ability to carry out.  This online course was built to bring the beauty back to a topic that has been anything but beautiful to many Christians over the past couple decades.


God created us as sexual beings — and on purpose.  And it was good — it was very good.


This course is strategically put together to explain that "very good" work that God did, and to explain it in a manner that is pure, holy, and deeply respectful to the listener, to the young student, and to the parent that is laboring to preserve the integrity, sacred growth, and tempered development of their children's understanding of the sexual design.

These messages left me freshly desiring to live this area of my life out with the utmost honor and purity — and though it may seem "old fashioned" to our modern culture, I long to follow God's pattern for romance and marriage, and I know that it will be worth it.  I would recommend this course to anyone I know!

Dana C. — Colorado

I was reminded afresh how pure and undefiled God's love and pursuit is for me.  The teaching wasn't a list of dos and don'ts, but rather, it focused on purity in romantic relationships as a picture or manifestation of Christ's purity in us.  God's definition of purity has never changed, He is pure and He requires purity ... not of our own strength but in Christ.

Tamra Y. Ohio

We were privileged to experience this course with our whole family.  It was inspiring to hear the messages and encouragement to live an epic life!  Our children were engaged and able to relate to the content.  One of our children said, "That was really good!"  We so appreciate the challenge to us as parents, and for being a powerful voice to our children and their generation.  Any family that is looking for ways to spur conversation on the subjects of purity and sexuality will be blessed by this material.

Luke and Kara W. — Parents in Indiana

Watch a sample clip with Eric:

Watch a sample clip with Leslie:

 In this course, you'll get 7 powerful components:

  • Four pithy and powerful sessions Eric and Leslie delivered in September 2019 at their special event entitled The Purity Summit held at the Ellerslie Campus.

    1. The Epic Vision: The Magnificence of Purity Unveiled (Eric Ludy) — 45min.

    2. The Building of Brawn: The Astounding Vision of Godly Manhood (Eric Ludy) — 50min.

    3. The Invention of Beautiful: The Celebration of Godly Femininity (Leslie Ludy) — 45min.

    4. The Epic Story: The Triumphant Return of Powerful Marriages (Eric and Leslie Ludy) — 50min.

  • Two poignant sessions delivered in October in an event entitled, The Battle Over Sexuality.

    1. The Husband (Eric Ludy) — 55min.

    2. Mr. Purity and Me (Nathan Johnson) — 52min.


  • The audio book, Meet Mr. Smith, read publicly by Eric Ludy at the event entitled, The Battle Over Sexuality, in October. — 3.5 hours in length.


  • Five bonus audio messages delivered by Eric Ludy in a series entitled, Ingredients of Intimacy.

    1. Time (Eric Ludy) — 45min.

    2. Study (Eric Ludy) — 50min.

    3. Remember (Eric Ludy) — 36min.

    4. Wow! (Eric Ludy) — 52min.

    5. Identification (Eric Ludy) — 46min.


  • Four bonus audio messages delivered by Eric Ludy in a series entitled, Standing for Purity.

    1. 25 Years (Eric Ludy) — 45min.

    2. The All-Important Attitude (Eric Ludy) — 50min.

    3. Sacred Waiting (Eric Ludy) — 43min.

    4. Honorable Love (Eric Ludy) — 56min.


  • Four bonus audio messages delivered by Eric Ludy in a series entitled, Responding to Joshua Harris.

    1. The fight of the Father (Eric Ludy) — 45min.

    2. The Twos of Scripture (Eric Ludy) — 34min.

    3. The Blessing of a Thorn (Eric Ludy) — 45min.

    4. Wearing the Dunce Cap (Eric Ludy) — 54min.


  • Four bonus video sessions and accompanying study guide by Leslie Ludy geared for women of all ages, entitled Purity That Lasts, currently only offered in her membership program online.


A Word on Age Appropriateness:

* For parents with younger children — nothing graphic is discussed in this course beyond using words like "sexuality" and "purity," however, you should use your own judgement as to whether your child is ready to hear these words and concepts.  Children as young as eleven or twelve, who have not yet been exposed to a full knowledge of sexuality, have participated and greatly benefited from the core principles that are being taught.


In short, this course is a very "safe" way of introducing your children to the foundational Biblical principles for true purity, without giving them the full knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of sexuality.  If you have further questions about the appropriateness of the content, don't hesitate to reach out to us at courses@ellerslie.com and we'd love to help!

Not only was this a truth taught, but my own life can attest to it: Fall in love with Jesus and purity becomes a delight, not a chore.  When He is truly your obsession the world doesn't stand a chance at catching your gaze.  You will come to find the things of earth really do grow dim in the light of His glory and grace!

Charissa I. Canada

This course offered incredible insight to the way in which we are called to live pure lives before the Lord.  I loved being able to hear from both Eric and Leslie on these issues and was blessed by the practical applications that were given.

David C. Colorado

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As a mother of four children it was wonderful to sit through this teaching with them and use this as a tool to help them walk through their teens and adulthood living purely for the Lord with practical ways to live that out.  I highly recommend this course to the young and the old, it is fun with stories that we can relate to and it is chock full of Scripture of God's desire for our lives.

Fredricka C. — A mother from Colorado

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